Make monsters detect eachother.

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  • Okay, so. I understand if I had two separate monsters, I could simply do it on collision, that they would each tip their hats, and go their separate ways... Thing is, I want to make it so that ONE monster, and his instanced copies, will bounce off eachother. I've been trying for maybe two hours.

    My theory is something like

    If I hit Otherguy, and Otherguy.ID =/= My.ID and I'm moving this way, move this way instead.

    Thanks in advance!

  • For now, it's not really doable. You will have to wait for families and use a little trick.

    When families will be available, you want test collision between instances of an object type, but between family A and family B, knowing that the object type will belong to both families.

    Anyway, this way you'll be able to have a definitive pick on what instance you're dealing with.

    Not much to be done for now I'm afraid.

  • Yeah, I heard about families and what not, and although I can wait... I can't help but believe there's still a way. There just has to be.

  • Haaa reading again your first post.


    Apparently, this works.

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  • Aha!!! I knew there was a way! I was thinking bullet! I just didn't try it, thanks!

  • Hmm.. Oddly I can only make it effect one. Like, one will turn when he's hit another guy, but the other guy just keeps going.


    HAHAH! I am a GENIUS! Here's what I did.

    PinkDevil > On Collision with PinkDevil = Subtract 1 from Direction

        System > Every Tick

            PinkDevil > (Direction < 0) > Set Direction to 1

    Works perfectly.

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