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  • Anyone know if it's possible to use 2 monitors in your game. Either to extend your playfield or use it as a seperate part for like score keeping (pinball machine).

  • As far as I'm aware, you can't spin off another window control.

    You could make the window size super wide that would span over multiple monitors but that would probably be ugly.

    Other way would be to use the multiplayer functions to have a second client join the game as your score keeping window. Little more complicated but would be able to create the effect you're looking for. NWjs for some reason can't spin up a second instance at the moment but you could do it with two browser windows along with the multiplayer.

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  • broknecho Thanks! Will have a look into the multiplayer thing.

    Any ideas if you could achieve this with writing a special plug in or is construct simply not ready for this?

  • Hmmm well I think it might be a limitation in targeting web techs for the output. Because of that, you are at the whim of the technology itself and how it handles multiple windows.

    So for example, you can create a "popup" in a web browser but there is a disconnect there from the child window to the parent window that construct would have to handle. Construct doesn't support this right now that I am aware of.

    Now consider that on mobile, how would you even achieve that kind of popup?

    Now consider desktop with NWjs. NWjs would have to support opening a new window which might be possible but then Construct would again have to deal with the new child popup window.

    It's not really an easy problem since the deployed platform controls so much about the windows container that the construct instance live in (i.e. Desktop, web browser, mobile).

    The Multiplayer side of things is probably still the way to go for a realtime second screen. Could even have your main screen on your computer and then have the second screen on a tablet using that method.

  • Thanks for your help! Basically with Construct your limitation also lays in the fact it's browser oriented.

    But I will look into the multiplayer way. See if that will does the trick.

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