How do I ....moneytize an iOS app?

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  • Hello,

    I'm totally confused on how to add full-page ads to an iOS app. Some say use SDK, some say use PhoneGap, some say use Coccoon. Then there is the confusion on what plugin I should use.

    Can somebody please point me to a tutorial or provide basic steps on how to do this? I have an iAd account and an Admob account.

    Again, its full-page ads i want to integrate.

    Thank you.

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  • JLH1964 That is basically my biggest rant regarding the C2. There is virtually no support for iOS development...

    Did you figure how to use the full-page ads properly?

  • Yes I did.

    Here are my findings:

    Export from C2 as Cordova to XDK (to the 'www' folder of the XDK project)

    Add the AdMob plugin to XDK (only PORTRAIT apps can successfully launch an iOS full-screen ad)

    Build as iOS

    Test on your iPhone etc.

    Currently, I can only get admob ads to work in portrait mode.

    Yes, anything iOS build etc and your pretty much on your own. I've started multiple threads trying to unwind the mysteries of iOS and C2 but they usually spin-off into irrelevant responses until they fade out.


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