now and make money???

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  • now and make money

    I have my personal version I will finish my game

    when I finish I should do?

    I would like to know several alternatives could help me with links for more information

  • Stop flooding dude !

    You could use some ads. And before that, be sure your game is funny :p

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  • where I get the ads, or what companies will be in these listings

  • Please do not create multiple threads for the same question. Also, don't expect an answer in a few minutes as it often takes more than a few minutes for people to respond. Many of us are asleep or not on the forums when you ask, so wait a day before bumping your thread.

  • You can get free sites, like at weebly, and place google adsense on your pages, but if you do it that way they get half of your ad revenue. It's better to find a cheap web hosting and pay for your own site. After you get it up and running and have some games on the pages, put google adsense ad's on the pages and then go to game forums and post links to your game(s). (don't spam or flood). When people come to your site you'll get paid either when they click an ad or by how many visits the page with the ad gets. Just do NOT click the ad's yourself or google will ban you from using adsense. Also, do not get a bunch of friends to go clicking ad's because they can figure out if you are trying to cheat, and they will ban you. They aren't very lenient when it comes to your account.

    If you use yahoo web hosting you can use their sitebuilder, which I like. You can use iFrames to add your game to your webpages. I know you might not understand anything I'm telling you, so you'll have to do some research on web hosting and google adsense.

    As a matter of fact, I might just make a video on how to use sitebuilder to add games to your yahoo site in case anyone wants to do it that way.

    Edit: Well, I just tried to make a video but it seems my computer is too slow, so I can't make a video.

  • thank you very much hope the video

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