How do I Monetize my Facebook game?

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  • Hey guys I'm pretty new here, I made a game called The Orb on Facebook:It's 100% free but I need to figure a way to put in ads in order to monetize my game. I have been looking around for days now and have not found a working solution.

    I tried the HTML iFrame plugin with Leadbolt as described here: This does not work at all, I also tried the adfly thing and while it is easy and it works, it isn't effective by any means.

    I also tried admob but it seems you can only use the intel XDK to put in ads on android or ios. I need a way to put in ads for web (facebook and google chrome) If anyone knows an easy way to do this I could really use your help. Thank you!

  • Hey everyone, could someone please point my in the right direction.

    So far I've tried Leadbolt and Admob with Intel XDK and both are only good for mobile. I really need a way to display ads for web platforms such as facebook and google chrome. I'm going crazy trying to find a solution to this with Construct 2. If anyone knows I would really appreciate some help.

  • This is crazy. We are one year later from this guy's unanswered post and I too am looking for a way to achieve a simple HTML/iFrame ad-serving solution that doesn't involve messing around with APIs. I can test on Android (Bluestacks) but I have no Apple device to test anything on. I have tried Leadbolt with Pode's iFrame but for the time being I can't get it to work despite doing everything in the few guides I have found. Nobody at Leadbolt has replied to my queries yet as to why it's not working.

    How do people using C2 make money from their games? Does anybody make money from their games or is this some myth propagated just to sell software? Yes, I know I'm sounding jaded and cynical but I have been researching this for what seems like ages and all I see are half-finished forum posts with people juggling with Heath Robinson solutions.

    But I do not see any posts from people saying "hey, I made $100 this month" which would be a nice positive note. I just read a post from a guy who said he's had 20,000 downloads of his C2 game and, using Leadbolt for his ads, he has earned a total of $13. I mean, that's enough to make you want to jump in front of a bus. It's certainly enough to make me want to stop spending the enormous amount of time I'm wasting on this game and spend some time with my family instead. I mean, has nobody written a simple guide on how to successfully put ads into a C2 game?

    Yes, I know, this is driving me nuts. It's bloody annoying, but you'd think that after all these years you wouldn't have to buy a barely-supported third-party plug-in and hope that it works, using another third-party ad service whose results are questionable at best.

    I need some happy pills, I really need my happy pills.

  • You would need to create a plugin for trialplay and/or one of the advertisers that are referenced in the facebook monetization page.

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  • Thank you for that comment. I'll take a look at TrialPlay. But that's my point really - it seems to be a complete lottery as to what service to choose, how to integrate it successfully. I've just checked and, in fact, Leadbolt isn't mentioned on the Facebook Monetization page so I'll probably have to change my ad service, unless I then create a version for Facebook, a version for XXX, etc. It's far from ideal and it doesn't look like there's any real solution.

    Unless I have no idea what I'm talking about, which is also highly possible.

    But then again, nobody said making money was easy

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