How do I Make Modular Textures

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  • I am currently trying to make a game where if you place an object next to each other, they will turn into one, let me explain:

    |--------------| As in, the texture would double up. I have all the textures needed to do this (every direction) so I just need to

    |--------------| + be able to make the objects get detected when next to each other and "combine" the textures. Thank you!




    |--------------| =







  • Hallo Ryan,

    you can not combine two sprites into one sprite without either destroy one sprite and change the animation from the other sprite or destroy both sprites and create an new one with a suitable animation. The other way is to pin two sprites together. Then the two sprites would appear as one. Have both sprites the same texture? If not, depending on the number of possible combinations, the first option would be a lot of work.

    Another option, when i think of a wall or a floor with repeating textures, you can create a tiled background and on collision simply add the width/height to one tiled background and destroy the other.

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  • Well, they would not combine, they would just look like it. So:

    They are still 2 objects, they just change textures to LOOK like it (But no space between the textures)

    And the idea of destroying the object and changing the animation would be SOO much work: The player can make the tunnels how they want, so I would need to make every shape possible, so it could end up like this:

  • What you are probably looking for is TileMap. There was a similar post recently:

    You can do the same with sprites if you position them precisely next to each other.

  • I have read some tutorials and I don't understand how this would apply to me. I am sorry if I get annoying, but I have never touched a tilemap before and I have used this program for many years. I might need some help using this new object (new to me). Oh, and the post you linked about the farming is exactly what I want!

  • Here is my tilemap (each tile is 160x160)

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