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  • (Answered: Families!)

    Kind of a dashing first topic. May be a lack of my pre-planning that is the cause for this question so here goes.

    I am building a game that uses resources and inventory. For my question I will use a in game example a pine tree.

    My tree has Branches, Pine Cones, Leaves, Boughs, Trunk, Sap, Roots and

    My tree has 3 animation states: 1 Happy tree, 2 partially pillaged thinned out tree and third, completely devoid of resource - stump. My tree respawns on a 30 minute timer.

    My question is this.

    I built my tree as its own event sheet and now I am ready to make a sycamore tree. How can I streamline that process as I expect to have 24 tree types 24 mineral types and 24 shrubs etc etc.

    I tried to build my tree as its on "module" of sorts I am wondering if I can tie this sprite / eventsheet / object and system info into a bigger "map" module? IE if theres a bug with tree I know where to find it or if I need to rebuild my floor map I can do that without stripping down my game.

    Keep in mind this is day 3 for me on construct so try and keep it semi simplistic.


  • Check up on Families. They can handle same kind of actions if they are built on that level.

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  • will do, saw that little folder, wondered about it. Thanks a bunch.


    WOW, just wow...



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