How do I modify NWjs files ?

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  • I'm developing a desktop game with NW.js.

    I have a picture file (0.png) in the app folder. At start of layout, I load this picture as a frame in a sprite.

    The player can change this file by opening another one in-game (I delete the older one then I copy the new one).

    Then the new picture is loaded in the sprite, but the frame don't change. I need to close & re-open the game to load the frame.

    If I don't have any file "0.png" at start of the game and I open a new file, it works.

    Have you any idea of how I can fix this ? I think it's maybe the application's cache that need to be cleared (the old file would stay in the cache instead of the new one) but I don't know how to do that.

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