How do I modify Host and Room Name

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  • Hello,

    i come to you because i have some question about the Multiplayer Object.

    In a first time i would like to know if it's possible to give the players the choice to select between an existing room or to create a new room with the name of his choice for exemple : "Fun and rage, Destroy all".

    And if it's possible how make it.

    In a second time i would like to know if it's possible to change between Host and Peer. For exemple if the host disconnect actually you lost the connection and you need to close the game and create a new room, so i would like to make something for give the room Host to someone else when the host disconnect and until there are one player on this room.

    I've see some topic about it and poeple say it's possible but no one explain the process to make it ^^' ...

    So if some of you have idea about it and can help me that's will be cool ^^

    Thank you =).

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  • Anyone ^^ ?

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