How do I make mobs smarter and mobs drop items

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  • Hey all!

    I need some help getting mobs to go around objects (solid objects) that are blocking its path to the player. I have looked around and I cannot seem to find a video or guide to help me. I also seem to have a problem with enemies stacking on each other. I made them solid objects, but I feel like I'm doing it wrong? This is for a top down game and not for a platform.

    This also brought up how I can have items that drop from enemies not overlap each other and drop/pop out near the monsters defeated. I was wondering if there is a simple and easy way to do this? I did figured out how to make the items spawn on their position of x and y, but not near it.

  • Moving around solid objects in a top down game is pretty much what the Pathfinding behaviour is for, try that! I guess if you are working in a grid system then you could allocate empty spaces for dropped loot and make sure it's not occupied, pick the nearest unoccupied space to an enemy when they are killed.

  • Thanks! I wasn't sure if making the enemy a solid object was the best idea or not because it was too easy. I figured it was done in a way that had them distance themselves when they touched - I tend to make things seem more complicated then they really are lol.

    Hmm, not sure where to start when using a grid system. Will need to look around a bit. Still learning expressions, arrays etc. They seem to be very difficult for me to understand.

  • You don't necessarily need to add Solid behavior to objects for Pathfinding to work. Pathfinding behavior allows to add custom obstacles.

    Also, check out this addon:

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  • Thank you Dop2000! This is very interesting! :0

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