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  • Hello,

    Just a couple of quick questions about the 'save' and 'load' actions in construct 2, specifically on how they pertain to mobile devices. I searched around and wasn't able to find any info on these:

    1. where is the save data stored on a mobile device when using the 'save' action? I read the help file but not sure what it means in layman's terms. Is it saved with the app data?

    2. Is it accessible by the user? If so, can I offer any form of protection other than obfuscation? I wasn't able to find any encryption or hashing objects/functions

    3. How much stress does it put in the app to be saving data? (I.e. would it be ok to save every time the player dies?) I know this depends on how much data is saved but are there any benchmarks I could look at?

    4. What happens if the program is closed before saving is complete? Would it revert to the last save or would the save corrupt?

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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