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  • hey

    this might be silly question, but i'm new to mobile development and this little details got me confused a bit.

    I want to design game oriented towards Portrait view on mobile devices.

    when I tried it with cocoonJS Ipad app, by default it gives me landscape view if I have vertical setup (smaller width/larger height).

    like this





    this starts up in Ipad as landscape application in cocoonJS app.

    then i made my app logic and layout horizontal




    but I wanted to know if this is how you are supposed to design portrait apps or is there some option in construct or beyond construct where you can set how Portrait layout can be oriented within app?

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  • At least on exporting to phonegap you can choose if you want portrait or landscape or both.

  • roke that's not right what he wants PhoneGap, he's using cocoonJS.

    Don't worry, CocoonJS can lock orientation, you can go to cocoonjs settings to set orientation lock, if you export, in cocoonjs cloud, you can choose orientation lock before to compile.

  • I already face this problem and finally I solve my problem by own. Let me tell you, If your game play and design I mean the layout design set to Left to Right Landscape then in CooconJS select Landscape Left to right and if your game design is bottom to top and the layout is Portrait then in cooconjs select only portrait, that's all. I believe this helps you.

  • thank you very much! this helps.

  • Ah that sounds good about cocoonjs, maybe I'll try cocoonjs again when they start selling premium accounts, or make them easily available.

  • roke, it took me about 2 weeks to get my premium account. Might as well get it while its free to try it out

  • Yeah, I'll look into it.

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