How to make a mobile game iOS/Android?

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  • Hello people,

    I tried for several days to make a compatible game with iOS and Android (with XDK Intel), but there is a problem with Android.

    Apple iPad (perfect result):

    Others (Apple Mobile & Android Mobile/Tab) (background & sprite problem):

    I want to get the same result as iPad on all other devices.

    As I said, I tried everything.

    I post my .capx hoping someone can solve the problems.!I9VgDJaT!-5KxF2oZvMVS5lWaLlGH3jiL3kpW2XylKs0H5QdVkRs

    Thank you

  • Your screen sizes are different on each device. Read this:

  • I've tried everything on this tutorial but it does not fix my problem.

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  • On my games, I always make my layouts smaller than actual screen sizes. I then use scale outer everything works as promised.

    It may expand my sprites a bit, but there is no notable difference in image quality.

  • Could you show me a capx example so I can see and adapt?

  • hey GameThirsty, i do use Scale Outer 1280x720 but i see a white bar to the right in bigger sizes and diff aspec ratio, how to fix this hehe would be great the .capx example

  • Like i told you in on of your other topics on this.

    (You should only open one topic for the same topic )

    Change "top edge" property of anchor bavior of your button to "Window Bottom".

    I attached your fixed capx. (note: didnt change anything else than this).

    Edit: Okay i just saw its about the background.

    For this try to go with 960, 640 layoutsize.

    Also having one big backgroundimage wont be working for this at all, since the screen would never adapt to the image or it would start to repeat.

    In your case split your image into parts. Have the green to the left positioned at ViewportLeft and the other at ViewportRight.

  • Thank you 5Type!

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