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  • I'm playing with construct2 and an iphone4 to test performance (I will post results if I'll be able to do it right).

    The problem is that I'm really tired of compiling->dropobox->iphone browser. Is there any way to test directly from the testing server (is that what it is?)?

    So the question may be, is there any way to bind the testing server to an ip?

    default: localhost/preview.html

    I want:

    If not can I configure the testing to happen on an apache server?

    If not, how do you guys test on your phones?


  • I usually use the same method as you, Dropbox it :). I have the dropbox app though. Makes things a little faster.

  • For security reasons by default the HTTP server is private. I'll look in to seeing if we can enable it on the LAN though.

    If you enable mouse input on the Touch object, you might be able to test your game on your desktop using clicks to simulate touches. It won't work for multi-touch though.

  • Thanks Ashley, the testing with the mouse is ok, but since html5 is a hit or miss on mobile devices (and I go on record saying that I tried most of the js framework and construct2 is by far the best performance wise) I was searching for a way to test several little aspects to improve performance and having the http server instead of dropbox would be much much faster.

  • Can I test a game on an iphone without having a contract service with the service phone line provider just with the phone without service?

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  • Aioria7 yes, it's possible

  • Thank you. I already bought an lg motion working with Android. New knews releases have said that Android market is not so good due to hacks. Too late to know about taht an iphone works to test games without a service provider.Anyway thanks.

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