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  • Hi,

    I've released game to Google Play, and according to Google it fits over 8000 devices - that's great. Problem is that many people report issues (like blinking screen, bluring text, invalid characters/encoding or simply game freezing and crashing) which I cannot reproduce with devices I have for my tests (SGS 4, Xperia Z1).

    Since I cannot reporoduce the error it's really hard or even impossible to fix it.

    My game is pretty good (people enjoy it), but I recieve a lot of bad ratings and all of them are because of the technical issues which I can't reproduce.

    Is there any way you guyz test your apps to be sure it works fine with particular devices?

    Cause it looks like C2 -> Intel XDK -> Crosswalk app is not that universal as all the advertisements say it is.

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