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  • Hello, I've been trying my hardest to follow the tutorials 'by the book'. However I seem to be missing some of the assets Ashley used in his tutorial.

    I am currently on the 'Create a platform game' tutorial by Ashley, his tutorials are excellent and I am highly motivated to continue learning with them, however I seem to be missing important files in order to go through the tutorials as required.

    I did download the Free Bundle (34mb), however, what I need for Ashley's tutorial does not seem to be present in there.

    Can anyone point me proper directions as to where to get my assets ? Or, Where can I get the materials / assets I need to complete Ashley's tutorial ? The way the tutorial sounds, I should be able to find them and download them somewhere.

  • As far as I know, you can only download these if you have the paid version of C2....

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  • Ahhh.. that explains it. Alright thanks for the info.

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