Mirroring sprites within the editor

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  • This may be a really stupid/obvious query. I'm working on composing the backgrounds for my game out of sprites, and I'd like to find the optimal method of mirroring these sprites.

    I'm aware that there is a mirror button in the sprite editor. However, if I were to just create two animation frames (one mirrored and one not), this would double the amount of hard disk space I'd be using.

    I'm also aware that there is an action that sets objects to 'mirrored', but this would only take effect after the game begins.

    What I'd like to be able to do is place a sprite onto a layout and just say "ok, mirror this sprite", so that it immediately appears mirrored within the editor. I would expect this variable to be controlled within the Properties window, but I don't see a "mirror" property or anything like that. Am I missing something here?

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  • ...OK, I just solved my own problem.. Just had to set the Size property to a negative number.


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