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  • This may be something simple, but I'm having trouble with it.

    I have some attack boxes that I are in the perfect place when facing to the right, but how can I get them to the same spot on the other side when I face to the left?

    Here is my capx:


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  • The image points on your attack and player boxes were wonky.

    Here's what I did:

    1) Set your playerbox to mirror along with your character on turning left/right. This mirrors the imagepoints as well.

    2) Created a new imagepoint for playerbox (imagepoint 1; you actually referenced it a few times without it ever being created) that was aligned on the ground and out a bit to the side.

    3) Reset the attackbox origins to be at the center/bottom.


  • Thank's Geo!

    It took me awhile to understand what you meant by reset. I thought it was something you selected. It finally clicked. Thank's a lot Geo. I appreciate your help.

  • Sorry, that was probably the wrong word to use. I just meant "set", but I was thinking along the lines of the nine predefined image points (bottom left, centre, etc.) as they correspond with the num pad, so in a way it is something that's selected.

  • Don't worry about it Geometrix. I'm just thankful that you replied and gave me the solution I needed. By the way do you have a game made that maybe I can look at? I'd like to see some of your work.

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