How do I Mirror a Sprite without Platform Behavior

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  • Hi, I'm creating a point-and-click game and decided to use the pathfinder behavior for this, but the problem is I can't find a way to get the sprite to mirror when moving towards the left of the screen. I thought I could use the sprites angle of movement as a condition for this but don't find the option to do so. Any ideas on how to do this?

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  • You can use this plugin for example:

    But I would just add platform behavior, disable it and only use mirror action.

    Or add another flipped frame/animation to the sprite and switch to it.

    PS: I just realized that "Set mirrored" action is available without the Platform behavior. So my whole answer is moot

  • Thanks for the link, but I just thought of a simple solution.

    I just created another sprite, called it Location and in the event sheet made it so that its position is wherever one clicks on the screen. Then compare the X of the character sprite to the X of the location and if Character.X is grater than Location.X then mirror the Character sprite. I'll try the plugin another time, it might even be easier than this turnaround.

  • I don't think you need that Location sprite just for its X coordinate

    Simply check if Character.X is greater than Mouse.x

    Or create a variable "locationX" and when mouse is clicked set locationX=Mouse.X

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