How do I mirror a sprite based on it's pin point?

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  • Basically, I would like to mirror a sprite based on it's "Pinned point" to another object it has collided with.

    If the object hits the playerChar on the Left Side and is pinned to it's point of collision and then the player mirrors and begins to move to the right, how would I mirror the object that is now pinned to the playerChar, relative to the point at which it was originally pinned? I hope that is worded properly and not too confusing.

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  • Could do with capx so we could understand better. what are you trying to do?

  • Here is the link to the .capx:I tried to post it last night, but my "Rep" isn't high enough to post URLs.

    I would like the Bee to mirror to the opposite side of the Sprite2 player character and still keep its pinned position.

    Edit: Still can't post URLs...

  • This might not be the best method and probably not 100% foolproof as well, but I think this could get you on the way to the solution:

  • Wow, thanks LittleStain! That's right along the lines of what I'm trying to achieve. Now that I have a place to go from maybe I can figure something out. If I'm to understand correctly, you are unpinning the bee every instance for mirroring and offsetting the x and y of it based on it's original pinned location?

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