How do I mirror my enemies when they move to left? (platafor

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  • Hello community of Scirra! how do i mirror my enemies when they move to left? (plataform)

    I'm doing an action game platform and really do not know how to do that when I meet the enemy at a distance to move me and set mirror to the orientation of the movement.

    I also want to know how to make when i'm near a enemy, THAT ENEMY spawn a bullet and not all the same enemies at the same time. if any1 could help me, i'll be glad !!

    and i want to know how i just mirror 1 and not all my enemies. (they're the same enemy but created randomly)

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  • Welcome to the forum!

    For the first question, please do the platform tutorial.

    For the second, read 'how events work' in the manual, and then 'picking'.

    Also search the FAQ and the forum itself.

    Generally it helps a lot if you can provide your .capx (project) or at least a screenshot of what you've tried.

    These questions get asked every day.. you will get more respect (and more help) if you do some reading first. Good luck

  • I've read several posts but I still without answers , but I'll see the tutorials to see if can help me, thanks.

  • There is a "Set mirrored" action on the Sprite object type.

    For the second, search "pick nearest" in the online manual.

    Edit: Have you seen the 9 part Platform behaviour tutorial? Choose the File/New menu, type 'platform' in the top right box, and choose part 1, 2, etc. There is also a Platformer template in that list. Should keep you busy for a while

  • thank you so much! with the tutorial i fixed how to mirror 1 enemy with instance variables, i'm searching how to make that when i'm near one that shoots a bullet. thank you!

  • No problem. Between tutorials (built-in and forum), templates and FAQ, all of the basics (and a lot more) are covered.

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