How do I get the mirror effect on a liquid material?

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  • I have been searching for some kind of help, but I wasn't able.

    I have seen some games made in Construct which uses this effect. It seems it's not neccesary using any third party plugin. But I don't know how.

    I mean, some kind of character is walking and jumping over a portion of earth at the beach, and all his movements are reflected on the water. All the actions that happen in the world are reflected on the liquid under it.

    Some light throw, please?

    Thank you, constructers.

  • Couldn't you just a use a vertically mirrored version of the sprite?

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  • In the thread you responded to, for the reflection she uses the canvas plugin..

    Copying all sprites that need to be reflected to the canvas and then flipping it vertically..

    Right now if you'd like a similar thing, using the paster plugin by Rojohound would probably be a better alternative, because in cases like this it is faster..

  • Meanwhile, I'll take a look for the R0j0hound plugin.

    I'll post my impressions about it.

    Thanks LittleStain.

  • No, LittleStain. It take so much costs with all the elements in the visible world. Every enemy, every event, explosion, flying bird, etc, should take its own procedure in the internal code. Maybe Christina's post was a good solution, but I have no idea, because the capx are not available yet.

  • Maybe there a WebGl effect will do this.

  • The paster plugin from R0j0hound is amazing, as usually, but it doesn't achieve the desired effect, or I cannot get it. One of the last posted "screenshots of you're worinkg on" (attached image) , shows this mirroring in the water, making possible (I supposed it) that every movement is been inverted on a logical way, for example, avoiding obstacles like in the real world the character would have done.

  • The paster object doesn't achieve the desired effect, or you can't achieve the desired effect with it?

    I tried and it wasn't a problem, actually..

  • The paster object doesn't achieve the desired effect, or you can't achieve the desired effect with it?

    I tried and it wasn't a problem, actually..

    Yes, LittleStain. Maybe, the true is the second option "I can't".

    Could you help with that please?

    Some instructions about it? I mean, It's a question about complex code, or this effect can be achieved with only settings in the paster plugin?

  • It's not that complex,

    you paste the sprites you want to mirror into the paster object and after that flip it..

  • Every try leads me far from solution. I can't finish about understanding the way of using this plugin to achieve the effect. I have attached a capx with all elements needed (I think). Could you take a look inside? I know, LittleStain, you said it's very simple, but I can't see it.

    As usually, thanks in advance.

  • In this time I tried copying the sprite, pasting on the canvas, and so on. But, in according to previous advices I have been looking for the Flipped Paster option. But it doesnt have this feature. So, may the sprite would be flipped after pasting on the paster? But it is so, the original sprite doesn't would be flipped too? This is a mess XD. I can't understand.

    I need help, please.

  • Here's a start:

  • Hi Blackhornet,

    first: thank you! I would have done never that eventsheet. That amount of code is in a pro level I haven't reached yet

    Second: as you said that's a start. I'll study it for best understanding.

    Thanks again, you helped me a lot.

    And thanks to you too LittleStain and A0Nasser for your opinions.

  • new technique

    Using just an event + paster plugin, I figured out a way to make a mirror effect, dynamic reflection that runs smoothly (reflection for the entire layout)

    without duplicate sprite

    without individual sprite paster

    Demo Online:


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