Minimum android version with Crosswalk

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  • Hey guys,

    Anyone using IntelXDK with crosswalk to make apks?

    Can you please point me to where I can specify the minimum android version required.

    I'd like to lock my games to 4.0+


  • I think Crosswalks is already 4.0+ only, also I think the minimum version required is more to set up on the marketplaces rather than the actual app

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  • Do you find that option on googleplay?

    I tried finding but miss it completely (if its even there)

    I saw that we can specify the min sdk version. (14 being for Android 4.0+)

    And intel xdk was defaulting to 10, which is gingerbread (2.3)

    Just made that change and yet to test.

    By default I see the UI sets version to 4.2 (this is not min version, this is the target version)

    While min is specified in a bracket next to it as 2.3.

    Please let me know if you know where to set that in Googleplay and I will share on this thread if moving the sdk version worked (as I said, pending test).

  • krish : I did not use google play yet, so I could be wrong on that, I just think I saw some people talking about setting minimum and maximum versions on the google play in other threads.

    As for the 4.0+, I misread, I thought you were talking about crosswalks (which is one of the Intel XDK possibilities).

    Sorry for not being really useful :/

  • I'm actually talking about crosswalk

    Crosswalk is meant for 4.0+ but still the build page shows min of 2.3 (and even after specifying in config it does... so my test has failed)

    There is nothing to ensure that a user with less than 4.0 is not installing and hence cursing your game for poor performance :/

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