How do I minimize the size of my exported game?

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  • Hi Everyone

    I recently made a game for mobiles and exported it through Intel XDK.

    First problem is all the images are shown in gallery of my phone, which I think is taking more space, maybe.

    Second problem is I am using assets saved as web images so as it is they are of minimum size available and in jpeg format wherever possible and very less of them are used along with minimum animations, no particle effects and only with tiled background is used across the game. The game has only 6 levels with a few more screens.

    The folder size of Construct 2 is 15 mb.

    If I export it as .capx then the size comes to 4.1 mb.

    But when t as an apk, it comes to 20 mb.

    When I install the game on my Android phone the size of the app is shown as 54.25 mb.

    I think this is most probably the problem of Intel XDK or my export setting in this app.

    Does anyone know why this problem is happening or a good alternative to Intel XDK to export apps to android?

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  • Does someone use Intel XDK? If they could tell me the settings with which they export. Maybe I am doing something wrong in the export settings.

    I checked my game files and all my images are in PNG only and all were exported as web images so they are very small.

    Or could someone just give me an alternative for Intel XDK for exporting the game for Android.

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