How do I minimize input lag in multiplayer

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  • Hi,

    currently i am working on a multiplayer platformer.

    That said i am experiencing 2 big problems which i cant find a solution for.

    1) i have several fast moving objects. syncing those without lag is only possible with the lan mode and high precision.

    that works relativly fine, but it eats a shitload of bandwidth so i cant move arround many objects at once or have to destroi the bullets quickly.

    also if i use internet mode it seems that the bullets get destroyed before they reach the target. at least on the peer site, for the host everything looks fine. so it seems that the object uses the 80ms buffer while flying, but not on destroyed... that looks a little awkward as it seems the bullets disapear rather than impact.

    2) the second and the bigger problem is with the input lag. as the movement prediction doesn`t work for the platform behavior one can feel the lag when pressing a key. the problem gets bigger when the game is played over internet and not lan. its not much but enought to be annoying. so what is the right way to do this?

    Current peer setup:



    2 is by far the bigger problem as i can cover the disapearing bullets with exploisions.

    currently i doubt that it is possible to make a good quality real time multiplayer game with the given tools. i hope you can prrove me wrong!

    is it a possibility that each client processes his own movements, his own bullets and the host just syncs to the other clients and the enemy hp/bullets?

    that would solve part of the problem but i i understand it correctly the host can only sync objects to the client, not the other way arround?

    i am gratefull for any tipps on this topic!

    kind regards


  • Update: With local input prediction it is relativly fine but the jump seems to be pretty awkward. as the sprite falls it decreases its falling speed as nearer it gets to the ground... is this a bug? it makes sense for 8 directions but not for the platform behavior.



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  • No Suggestions on this topic? Looks like i will make a turn based game for now

    Thanks to all who read this thread and gave it a thought

  • I noticed the same thing... and just turned off input prediction. It worked fine after that. A teenie bit choppy, but very playable for peers.

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