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  • Is it possible that in the sprite or the whole canvas display layout?

    I mean such a system:

    layout-1980x 1080px

    minimap(sprite or canvas)-size 120x66 px

    game window- 600x 330px

    I want to be able to view in the minimap whole layout

    like in that handmade example:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Of course in this example minimap shows only the visible layout

  • delgado,

    I'll wait another person to answer you. If nobody answer you, I can share my alternative system, using a grid on the map and doing a simplified minimap.

  • TELLES0808 I waiting but No ideas, can i ask you for your idea?

  • Wink thanks for your interest but i see this tutorials before and for me this is something different

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  • delgado

    his mini map will be easy to make, but can decrease the performance of your game in some situations, also, it don't use plugins.

    It's simple, you can make an array of your screen, placing invisible tiles on the screen, at the foreground (the top layer, that with parallax 0,0), then, check if any tile if overlapping any family.

    Then, replicate it as a chest board on the corner of your screen, like you did.

    This is not the best way, but I'm sure you can work with it.

    I'm currently working with a different version, where I place on the corner of my screen a reduced version of my canvas (it's hard, because you'll need to printscreen, make the puzzle, and then reduce it). After if, I do the player position on the minimap by checking his position on the screen and using a correlation.

    Right now I'm improving it to zoom the map and cut the edges to make sure the minimap viewed is inside the minimap area (everything bigger than the minimap area will be made invisible using webGL effect), because the minimap is larger than his area on the screen.

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