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  • Never mind.

  • Never mind.

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  • Where are the plugins from? What is the exact filename?I don't recognise 'Mandrillapp'.

    Plugins usually go in the relevant plugin or behavior folder off the C2 install directory, e.g. "C:\Program Files\Construct 2\exporters\html5" is the root install and behaviors and plugins are sub-directories.

    If it's a .c2addon file then you just need to launch C2 and drop the .addon onto the Layout to install.

    BTW bumping after only half an hour is not cool.

    Plugins Manual Entry.

  • Eilatan: You are the one being very rude actually.

    And yeah bumping after half an hour is not cool, frown upon and will get you message from moderators when they see it.

    Edit: Editing your post/topic with "Never mind" and deleting flame-ish answers will just make you sound immature as well.

    Just be more considerate when posting and all will be fine. Users of this forums like helping each others. It is just this help is provided on the free time of every one and people sounding entitled to an answer generally get fewer answers in the end.

    We know about excited new users, we can understand it, but rest assured that patience and a bit of step back will get you a long way.

    Courtesy will do too.

    Mandrillapp is definetely not a built-in plugin bundled with C2.

    I maintain the list of third-part plugins on this forum and yet Mandrillapp did not sound familiar.

    After a research, it sounds like you are referring to the "Send a mail" plugin and likely to the tutorial linked from it.

    So apparently, like for any plugin, after having installed it you need to find it in the "Insert new object" dialog when you add an object to your project.

    It is named "Mandrill" in the "Web" category and its icon is an envelop.

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