2017 Method? Screenshot and use native share with Android

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  • Hi ,

    Be sure that i've spend longtime to search around the web before posting here.I'm a bit desperated. My game is finished but i'm stuck on creating screen shot and native sharing (all social medias). Here are all the method that i've tried, please understand that it's my first project with C2 and i'm not a programmer i mainly use the sheet.

    1.I've tried the c2 internal snapshot canvas method > Saving the snapshot it works on web Browser and it seems working on android too but i have no idea where the saved images go on the device.If i could create a directory on the device and place the image there by default it will be better for the users. The goal is to save the images then the users can share them with the standart image sharing method in all social medias.

    2.I've tried this scirra.com/tutorials/1457/s ... oid/page-3

    The issues are that it seems that the tutorial is outdated and some of the object are not longer present in C2 example the webstorage, there is the local storage but the action are not the same at all.Also there is no instruction for the plug in C2 installation.

    the plug in is github.com/EddyVerbruggen/Socia ... i--plugman

    3.I've Bought the Cranberry plug in and it seems that the Share app plug in doesn't share image only text. The dev seems also be very non responsive....There are many plug ins inside the pack and i don't know which one to use together to achieve the operation.The goal is to capture screenshot then share with the native android sharing system. I've asked to him by mail but no answer the plug itself took 12 hours to be delivered ( link) , the g+ support seems totally deserted by the plug in creator dev. I've bought the plug in because of the emergency but finally i'm still late.

    4.i've also tried this method

    hermitsdevelopment.blogspot.com. ... aring.html

    and i have no idea what to put in the image field

    5.I've also tried this one github.com/EddyVerbruggen/Socia ... i--plugman

    but i don't know how to install the plug in.

    Thanks for your help guys.

    This is the final step that preventing me to release the app.

  • I think you can't save files directly to disk from the exported HTML5. It's a technology limitation (for HTML5 security reasons)

    The only alternative is to give a downloadable link for user to click on.

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  • I'm trying to experiment every potential solution so if you know how to install this kind of plug in please tell me github.com/EddyVerbruggen/Socia ... Gap-Plugin thank

  • On Canvas Snapshot -> YourPlugin.image = CanvasSnapShot

    CanvasSnapshot only works in "On Canvas Snapshot" trigger.

    This works on Android and iOS.

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