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  • Ok, I did some removing and adding, now I can not find why on earth this is not working for.

    After you create the MouseMark the vehicle should move to that location but as you can see, it gets to the very first action and just goes out for a round-a-bout or something. What am I missing? Please help. ... .capx?dl=0

    Also, is there any good information out there on event sheets because nothing really explains the game loop such as C++ main() etc. Im just having a hard time understanding events and how the actions work even after reading it 20 times. My fingers are in Construct but my brain is still in C++ hehe.

    Thx all again!

  • You need to reset RandPickupsSet in event 7 or you get stuck in event 7.

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  • You see, thats what makes no sense for me at all no matter how I read it.

    If Cargo=0 & RandPickupsSet=1 then Find path to and the little car should start moving.

    Then in Event 7 after the car has reached it's destination the pickup has been made and RandPickupsSet=1


    Do I need to subevent 8, 9, 10 under 7 for that to be like above?

    blackhornet Thank you for a reply.

  • Path finding is an expensive operation - it takes a while to calculate all of the possible combinations of routes from A to B. That's why the operation is split into parts. 'Find path' only starts the algorithm. It can take several ticks, or even seconds to find a path, so the engine is going to keep running , hitting event 7 over and over again, until 'On path found' is finally called. If you don't turn off event 7 in that time, it keeps starting the path finding again, so it never actually gets to finish finding a path.

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