How do I merge two projects? With version control?

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  • I'm collaborating with someone else on a single game.

    We both have two versions of it with unique features.

    How can we combine the object types and events into one project??

    I know that it can be done by copying and pasting each object/event from one layout to another.

    But how can I do this in version control?

    We already have two separate, very developed projects. I've made a repository on BitBucket with my project on it and tried these steps to merge them:

    1. Clone the repository

    2. Delete and replace the files with his version of the project

    3. Push to a new branch

    (Sourcetree wouldn't show his files in the unstaged list and reject his pushes, we couldn't continue from here)

    5. Merge the two branches

    6. Have the both of us pull from the new, combined commit

    Is there another method? How have you guys handled collaboration?


    irrelevant issue I thought I'd also ask:

    I committed my project and realized I didn't have a .gitignore. So I reverted the commit, added a .gitignore, and pushed it, but now the latest commit no longer has my project files in it and Sourcetree won't show them in the unstaged files window? HOW DO I DO THE THING THAT I WANT IT TO DO GGOD PLS IM DYING

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  • You must be very careful when working with version control and C2. I don't think there is any automated way to combine two projects which vary so much (unless you understand C2 XML perfectly and write your own merge script). So I'm afraid you have to do it manually.

    Next time remember to work on the same project/repo from the start. When you start work, always make an update from repo before you open C2. Commit when you're done. But that's not all. You have to avoid working on the same parts of the project at the same time. There are situations where SVN/GIT merges the code without any issues but new code will be corrupted for C2. Changing object name, adding behaviors etc.

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