How do I merge projects?

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  • Apart from making an add on, is there any easy way to merge projects?

    I've build a project for showing instructions that I could use for many games. I'd just like to open up a game project, then merge the instructions project into it. Is there a simpler way than making an add on for it (as I'm not familiar with making add ons just yet)?

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  • In C2, not really. C3 will hopefully address this, but that's a long way off.

    The usual method of merging is to firstly, ensure that all of the objects that are referenced by the Events exist in the other project. You can do this by creating a new Layout and just copying and pasting the Objects from one Project to the other.

    Any Globals referenced would also need to be copied across.

    You should then be able to CTRL-C - CTRL-V Event blocks across. If you get an error, it's usually because the Events are trying to reference something you haven't copied across.

    Sounds a little long-winded, but it only takes a few minutes with practice - much quicker than re-coding from scratch.

  • Thanks, zenox - I'd considered that, but thought there might be a smoother way. Thanks for the post

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