How do I merge many little projects into a unified one

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  • Hello

    I created in seperate projects 10 different mini-games each in one scene.

    I would like to merge all of these into one project with 10 mini games

    how do i do this technically in an easy manner

    when i copied animations / behaviours (the actual files on the folder) into one unified game and opened the game it didn't show me the new assets and mini-games


  • How I do it:

    Open the projects in construct 2.

    Copy paste the objects first to be copied from the old project to the new project first.

    Then create an empty event sheet in the target project, and copy paste the content of the event sheet from the old to the new project.

    I do this for all the event sheets.

    You could also try and work your way through with some svn like approaches .. but I'll bet you will be tinkering longer with it to get it working then the previous mentioned manner.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the help.

    From some reason i can't copy objects just clone them inside a project

    i am opening both project inside construct then in projects view i have them one below the other when i go to the object and try to drag it it doesnt let me do it

    in addition, in project view if i right click an object --> then i dont see any copy functionality just clone


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  • Put your objects on a layout first

    copy it from there, and paste it on the other projects layout.

    Sorry, I always use dedicated layouts for all my objects where I prep them.

    You can easily copy objects from one projects layout to another projects layout

  • thank to your help i was

    i finally was able to make the part of copying the objects . however i cant copy the script from the event sheet i can copy but when going to the new empty event sheet it doesn't let me paste it (there is no paste option)

    i have to say that i'm quite amazed that there is no option

    i would like to have an intro animation to all of my games and some shared functionalities that would be upgraded from time to time and it is amazes me that ill have to do everything manually between games...

    isn't there an external tool to combine projects or at least layouts ?

  • You could look into SVN, I have not tried it myself for such an undertaking, bit over the top if you ask me.

    CTRL + V is paste

    Most likely, you are trying to copy events which have local variables, you could make them global first, drag them to the upper level, and copy them to the new event sheets before copying the rest of the events. Afterwards you can make the global local again, by simply dragging them to their old position as they were in the previous project.

  • great, ill try - many thanks

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