How do I Merge C2 with Intel App framework for all platform

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  • hi,

    I am going to ask a very difficult question which has not been answer yet on "Construct2" forum. I believe no one has done this thing before or maybe i am unable to find the existing solution on any forum or tutorial yet...

    Here are my intention

    1) I need to make configuration and game option screens using XDK APP framework they will communicate through ajax etc so i am using app designer.

    2) I need to create a game in construct2 , which i have made it. Because canvas base game is only possible in C2 not in intelXDK app designer.

    3) I have exported my game in C2 using Crosswalk Android export , and then i have added that game code manually inside the index file of my intelXDK app designer project.

    4) Emulator display correct game and after building through crosswalk of intel XDK for android it even ran on android device without any problem.

    NOW the problem comes

    1) I want to build same game for window phone and for IOS iphone ipad.

    2) According to the construct2 i need to use export for each device , since for android they give us crosswalk export but for IOS / Windows8 they have different approach like ejecta/cocoonjs and visual studio etc..

    My question is how can i export my c2 game so i can merge this with my APP which is built using intelXDK app designer....

    Kindly help me i am very much confuse because i likes to use construct2 combined with intelXDK app framwork ...for all the platforms

    I have asked this question even on intel XDK App framework forum they also suggested the answers only C2 forum can give us for the merge of these two technologies ... ... =31&t=6603

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