How do I Make my menu work?

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  • So, I'm working on a keyboard controlled menu for my platformer game.

    My first 3 tabs are "Items" "Options" "Exit"

    And my problem is when I Open the "Items" menu.

    The way the menu works is by sprites that change animation depending on what key you pressed. (To get into the "Items" Tab you need to press "Z")

    My problem is that when I press "Z" and open the Items Menu, it automatically deactivates the first item highlighted.

    The way I activate/deactivate "Items" is by pressing "Z" as well, when the item is highlighted. Using a dictionary to assign keys to items when "active = 1".

    This means when I press "Z" on the "Items" tab, the item Key turns to 0 automatically

    -Thanks for your time, I really appreciate it-

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  • Worked with an Else condition!

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