How do I make a menu system like Netflix?

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  • Hello, this is my first post on construct forum, i hope i get help.

    i want to build a menu system like netflix, which you move among the screen buttons via arrows and once you want to choose something, you press enter, is there a way to do this?

    because i tried many solutions but i always get an obstacle..

    as shown in the image,there are 3 rectangles, 1,2 and 3 where the play buttons are, well, i could make the scrolling thumbs work but not having the loop that let the thumb after the last thumb to be the first.

    but how can i move up to the rec1 or to rec 3?

    i think i don't understand the mechanism here, i would be more than happy if someone can help me out with this...


  • Have a variable that's set to 1, when you press down it adds 1, when you press up it subtracts 1. Then with conditions you set the cursor based on variable value. If it is 1 set its position to the top menu's Y position, if it is 2, set the Y to the 2nd sections Y position and if it is 3 set the Y position to the 3rd section Y position.

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  • thanks dear lions for your reply, can you give me an example in codes? or is there any example available online?

    will your method allows me to create my menus so each one works independently ? because in each box there are menu buttons, above there are home, tv shows, movies..etc, the second box has the scrolling menu and the last one below has the play button.

    i applied this tutorial for scrolling buttons and normal ones which all is controlled by arrows: for jumping from button to another using arrows for scrolling menu button

  • Sure for left and right you can do something similar with variables. The tutorials work only if the buttons are the same distance away from each other. You can navigate left and right by using another variable that relates to position of the buttons. I don't know of any online code, if you are new to Construct then you are taking on a task that will be confusing.

  • Well, thank you very much for assisting, you gave me the start of the solution, so for anyone who wants to do it here is what I did:

    1) I divided the screen into 2 parts (it could be more) and i did up and down arrows codes, very similar to what you said

    2) I have top buttons which navigates among sections, i have down menu (movies thumbs) so i followed the tutorial for the arrow keys menu, each top menu and movies scrolling menu is inside a group and each in same coding and all just as the tutorial.

    3) in the up and down arrows codes i just said, if the curser var=1, then stay on the top menu position and the top menu group is active, the scrolling movies menu is de active, if i press down, the curser object goes to the first movie thumb in the movie scrolling menu, this mean that the top menu group will be deactivated and the scrolling movie menu will be active...

    I'm so bad in explaining lol, but i hope the concept was clear, it's all about putting each menu items in a group and then toggle between active and de-active state as you go up and down..

  • Yes exactly, glad it's resolved

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