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  • I tried to adapt the memory game tutorial with a falling block type of game.

    My first problem is when matching the player can score even when cards do not match. Kind of lost where I messed up.

    The second less problem is when the blocks drop the green tiles are supposed to be destroyed, used to work but stopped. Solutions or better methods are appreciated.


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  • Guess no one wants to help, still debugging with no luck.

  • Well you posted your question while I was asleep and decided no-one wants to help before I woke up.. (It's night in Europe)

    Maybe having a bit more patience would help.

    I will have a look at it now and see if I can help.

  • You have an event on touched yellow sprite - destroy yellow sprite.

    There are no other conditions to this, but I guess you only want it destroyed when cards match.

    I'm also not sure why you would use the yellow sprites are seperate from the card sprite.

    To see the win is true, it is checked if two global variables are the same. These variables are set from instance variables on the cards. But nowhere in your events are those instance variables changed. so they are always 0, so they are always the same.

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