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  • So I use cocoonjs as my exporter. I have already contacted Ludei about my some what memory problems, but I have a feeling I can optimize my game better. I also read some stuff from Ashley and used it for optimizing.

    My problem is my game is using sometimes 500 mb during gameplay despite of it my game runs 60 fps even when the memory would seem to run out. However when I want to share something (Highscore and stuff) it goes to a different app and then it shuts down my game because of to much memory use. This does not happen on my other device who has more then enough memory.

    My possible solution: My current game is running 1920x1080 screen/window size. All objects were made for this size. My question is by reducing the window size and as such reducing all objects in size, does this decrease memory use and do you have an estimation by how much. My fps is fine. Its really about using to much memory wich causes the game to crash.

    Sidenote: My game is very simple with not to many objects and no special effects and my backgrounds are tiled. I already disabled/enabled lazy loading and max memory and stuff, but it doesn't really help.

    Of course if you have any ideas about decreasing memory use plz let me here it I am all ears.

    Thanks in advance for anyone who is willing to help.

  • CocoonJS Canvas+ is no longer officially supported, in part due to the memory management problems it has.

    Consider the CocoonJS WebViews instead, or Crosswalk for Android, or PhoneGap Build for iOS 8+.

  • I am aware it's no longer supported, however concoojs is the only one (as far as I know) that support share function, iap, leaderboards, achievements and ads. I bought construct 2 to release games on Android OS with these functions.

    I never used webview before does it also provide all the same functions?

    Is there not a way to use less memory while using canvas +?

    Thanks for taking the time to reply to my thread. I hope you can be so kind to help me with this.

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  • If your game is relatively simple, crosswalk would probably be the way to go, performance is getting pretty close. What does cocoon support that crosswalk doesn't?

  • I am not that familiar with crosswalk, but the last time I heard it did not support leaderboard, achievements, share function and IAP. If it does than I would love to try it, perhaps you also have a link to a tutorial?

    Thanks for your response:D

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