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  • (First of all, sorry for my bad English, I hope you understand me)

    Guys I want to apply this way of moving, I'm trying with physics and rotate layout but I can not do it the same

    see min 1,41 he rotate the layout for moving ,anyone can explain me how do this or post exemple of this pls.

  • Rotate layout won't get you anywhere. All it will do is rotate the POV of the layout, but not affect the bounding box in anyway.

    This can be completed with Physics, however.

    I have two objects, a player object and a land object. Player object has collision mask as a circle, and land has its own bounding box.

    (the tiny blip in the first image is where the origin needs to be.)

    Then, the event sheet takes the angle of Land and adds 1 to itself.

    If that doesn't work, then try putting them on separated layers.

  • it´s imposible rotate all objets of the map at the same time?

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  • Its entirely possible. Every object you want to move with the land, will need to be pinned to the parent object (the object that is rotating, i.e. Land object.) using the Pin behavior.

  • thx so much bro , now i can continue with my proyect rly thx bro!!

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