Maximum world size for an RPG?

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  • I'm in the process of making a pixely RPG, and I currently have 9 3000x3000 layouts which you can move around and about. The question is

    Is it actually worth splitting a map into 9 layouts or should I just go with 81000x81000

    What is the maximum layout size with much detalization and objects an average PC can handle? Its an NW.js game

    I've been making broswer games for the past forever, so the whole memory management is very new to me. I'd appreciate any help, thanks in advice

  • With WebGL turned on the limitation is somewhere around 16,400px (confirmed by Ashley). Without it, I haven't found a limit. I loaded the entire Kings James bible into a text object at 20 px font height and, it displayed it, if that's any indication of size.

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  • My RPG have 50 000 x 50 000 and i have 1600 sprites, PC can handle that

  • My RPG have 50 000 x 50 000 and i have 1600 sprites, PC can handle that

    Whew, nice to know!

  • There isn't a maximum layout size except for how big a number you can fit in a 64bit floating point number, so ~1.7*10^308.

    What Fengist describes is the maximum texture size for a text object, but this is dependent on what your graphics card can handle. Basically how big of an image it can handle, but then again this has nothing to do with layout size.

    Anyways how many objects you can have on the layout will vary a lot. The two things that will cause a slowdown are:

    1. Amount of things on screen at once. It takes time to render stuff.

    2. What objects actually do and what your events do. This is a very wide range though. It's possible to use well above 1600 though.

  • Thanks everyone for the support!

  • Sorry, misread. the 16,400 is texture size and is video dependent. Some, apparently, can only do 4k.

  • I have multiple layouts over 12,000 pixels wide. The largest has 17,000 objects on it, though not on-screen at once. The only thing to really keep track of at that point is being vigilant about disabling off-screen or far-away objects from doing anything so you don't eat up cpu time with unnecessary things. So the swaying grass and leaves are obviously disabled off-screen

  • Our main layout uses a roughly 10,000 x 10,000 px field of view with around 40,000-400,000 sprites on screen at a time. No animations on any of these sprites though.

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