Is there a maximum number of image points?

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  • Hey there,

    I've stumbled upon a problem with one of my animations. On one frame I can add more than 21 image points, but on another frame I've got I cannot add more than 21 image points. The first frame has 32, but it's still not working. It just does not add an image point beyond 21.

    Initially I thought you could have a lot (if not, unlimited) amount of image points?

    Is there a maximum number of image points allowed per animation? What am I doing wrong here?

    Many thanks!

    • Luke
  • There is no maximum number of image points. What error are you getting beyond 21 image point, the button does not work? And why do you need like 30 image points per frame?

  • I'm not getting any errors, it just ignores me pressing the button to add an image point. I've tried closing construct 2 and re-opening it. I've tried deleting the frame and re-creating it but it still will not work.

    I'm creating points on an image so I can randomly position a special effect on it. I am attempting to create enough image points within a suitable area of the image so it does not look out of place, but random enough for the player to appreciate the effect.

  • That's weird, I tried testing on my construct projects, and there is no limit at all, I added up to 80-120 image points on all my frames and it kept going.

    You can try adding a test sprite and see if same thing happens to it.

  • Maybe if I tell you what I've been doing it might help recreate the problem.

    I had to replace the animation's frames with better ones, so I deleted all the frames except the one with the most image points that I needed, so I did that and added the new frames, I then applied the maximum number of image points that I had on the first frame to the whole animation (so I didn't have to go to each of the new frames and individually add the image points I wanted and I used the button that allows you to automatically add that), then I moved to frame 1 and deleted some image points. I did the same with frame 2, then on frame 3 I realised I needed a bit more so I added additional image points to that frame, and that is where it stopped working, I only needed a few more image points for it, and for or some reason the rest of the animation is able to have more than 21 image points.

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  • That's the problem, I did the same thing as you described above, and I was unable to add more then 5 image points on some of the animation, sadly you will probably have to delete the whole sprite with all of its animation and assign all the image points manually so you don't get the cap.

    I am not sure if this a bug or just intended that way, so can maybe report it under the bug section.

  • Thanks for checking I wasn't the insane one here, haha. I'll report this as a bug. Thank you very much!

    I also managed to get a work around happening with what I needed anyway, but I think this is good to point out.

  • You are welcome, good luck with the game

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