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  • Hi everybody! I am making a platform game. When making horizontal spring movement, I encountered a problem: I make player's max speed equal 1000, deceleration=0, then apply VectorX=1000, but player won't exceed his default speed, which is 250. I checked everything, the max speed is 1000, but player's speed is still 250!

    I need the spring to propel player forward at speed 1000.

    I use speedVar and decelVar variables to change max speed and deceleration.

    Thanks for attention :)

  • Well, if you are using the platform behavior for vectors, try removing some of the default values set by the behavior by setting them to 0.

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  • No, It didn't help me.

    I guess I have to remake all spring mechanics.

    I need to make a spring, that shoots the player horizontally, like in Sonic games. But my player's max speed is 250, spring must propel player at speed 1000. I am changing MaxSpeed and Deceleration with variables. Also, player has two modes: Ground and Water, they differ by speed/accel/etc.

    Can somebody help me with that?

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