How do I Matix board game base on Kyatric "Small Tatics" Tu

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  • Hello everyone, I'm new here in the forum and also inexperienced in programming, my area and game design.

    I'll leave the link so you can see the mechanics of the game I'm trying to develop for my completion of course work, do college of digital games

    I'm using the few examples of board games I found the forum and tried to make some changes to Kyatric tutorial, to adapt to the game play I'm trying to create basically the differences between what Kyatric did and what I want to do, are

    1: Both play and use a single piece in different shifts

    2: The player can move vertically in any home available vertical and the other can only move horizontally, ie when the part is with the player first so he can go vertical and when with the player 2 he can only go horizontal

    3: the movements of the parts need to be in real time, or move once it is clicked

    I'll keep trying to make these changes based on tutorial Small tatics of Kyatric, but I'm pretty lost, I would like to send a PM to him but do not have enough reputation, so I decided to create this topic, I will leave my capx. with what I did so far, which was basically following is recover the tutorial Kyatric on a larger scale house (6 x 6) jumping a few steps, is not working as it should, also tried to make changes in the way they should just have more complicated .

    Ps: I can not post links yet .. sooo, sorry about that

    Link EXAMPLE Game That I'm Trying Click >>

    Relevant tutorials for Board Games I found

    From Kyatric >>

    From vee41 >>

    UPDATE: I tried to follow the tutorial Kyatric , but I am not able to increase the scale to 6x6 , the GhostPeaces not appear on the player 2 (Yellow ) which is in frame 1 , someone can explain me why?

    Link for my capx that made ​​up the part [3] Basic Game Mechanics do tutorial Small tactics

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  • UPDATE: Can someone help me , I think I managed to get the homes of each player are AVAILABLE according to which one can go

    in the case:

    Player 1 can go to any house in the horizontal ( x )

    Player 2 can go to any house in the vertical (y ) starting from the last point where the player stopped 1

    But other than Kyatric tutorial , do not want the parts to move in the resolution, but rather to move so I click on the house , then switch to the second player that he move the piece in the house where the first player stopped . I am not able to do that

    Can someone help me ?

    here is the file that was until the moment >>

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