How do I make a mathematic game

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  • Hello folks.

    Since no one replied on my question on an earlier topic, i decided to create a new topic regarding the same.

    Link to the old topic: viewtopic.php?f=178&t=146266

    My question is the last reply.

    My question was: [quote:16jix75p]Question: Say you wanted to make this mathematic game where the player gets 3 options. Obviously 2 of them are incorrect and only 1 is the correct answer. How would this be possible with your capx Korbaach ??

    e.g this game:

    i want to make one like that.

    Only thing i can't figure out, is how to insert 3 buttons showing 3 different result were only one of them is the correct answer.

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  • The question is not really clear..

    you want to make 3 buttons where one is showing the correct answer..

    So basically:

    button one set answer to : incorrect answer

    button two set answer to : correct answer

    button three set answer to : incorrect answer

    So that would be the easiest way..

    If you want to make it so Construct2 makes random questions with random answers, you should create the maths for that yourself..

    Adding or subtracting something from the correct answer will make it incorrect, so that shouldn't be so hard..

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