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  • I'm a math teacher and I use Construct to make excercises for my students. The one big problem I encounter is a good display of fractions.

    If I want to display 1/4 in a manner with the 1 above the 4, I have to make a line and two different textboxes or Underline the 1.

    Both these options aren't really perfect and also do not look to good.

    Anybody any idea how to do this in a more ellegant way??


  • Maybe a customised sprite font (ie replace all the capital letters with fractions ? So when you type "A" you would get the "�" ? You would be limited on how many fractions you could use.

  • It might be easiest to have 2 text boxes surrounding a sprite for the bar.

    then you can account for any fraction question.

  • If you are still interested in this let me know because I've had another idea...(after about 2 hours in I am maybe 10% there ! Been distracted by other (easier) problems !) <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • I'm open to every idea.

    The idea to replace letters with a fraction had crossed my mind, but it would be limited, since I would have to make all the existing fractions if I want to use them all. And since there are an unlimited number of fractions........

    So I can't wait to hear your idea!

  • My idea was to have a function that (at least in version 1) would be sent a string of characters with formatting codes embedded in the string eg

    ~2 would mean that the 2 is the the numerator while #3 would mean the three was the denominator (2/3)

    so if I sent "5X~1#2=x" then it would print as "5X�=x"

    This function would need to know the widths of the characters (using sprite fonts we could find these) Be able to print the characters at half size (with a line between them) (once again Sprite fonts should be able to scale)

    Here is a start - and it is very rough - but maybe you could use it ?

    The sprite font was from a tutorial by Paradox - which I recommend you look at.

    warning rough !

    I intend to revisit this in the not too distant future - but I do get easily distracted !

    Hope it, at least, makes some sense ?

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  • OK, pretty good start, but hard to understand in a simple glance. I will work some more on this, since I am freshly starting my exploration of Construct.

    Thank you and if you have more ideas I'd love to hear them!

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