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  • I am making an RPG style game mario snes and my problem is, how to make mario jump and hit a box?, Any ideas will be helpful me

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  • Ok, so the first thing to do is read the manual. Secondly, read some of the tutorial available, specifically ones that relate to platformers. And finally, experiment.

    What you're asking for is very basic, and doesn;t require any special knowledge other than how to use C2.

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  • Very simple.

    Open C2 > Click C2 Button > New > and browse for any templates / examples you want. There are tons of examples/templates that demonstrate various games etc etc

    You'll find the platformer template very worth your while, includes jumping etc.

    And as wizaerd suggested - your best friend is the manual and tutorial section. Don't forget the forum - use search, there are great gems in the forum.

    Best of luck.

  • Remember that "Take the time to learn Construct 2" topic? That's what they were talking about.

  • *koof**koof*read...some...tutorials*koof*koof*

  • well thats basic stuff.

    apply the platformer behavior to your player


    player is on collision with BOX


    do your thing

  • You could check google and try to read on the pseudo code for isometric jumping then recreate it in C2. It follows the same principle as a generic programming language

  • The OP has a good question that most of these don't answer. even if he reads all the tutorials he will be better off to solve the problem, but it won't answer it.

    The problem is that Mario RPG(snes) is a 3D game even if not 3d objects. Also the game is judged in isometric and not 2D. Which also means that the platformer engine is useless. Actually using platformer will just make the entire project harder.

    first read the basics, understand the manual. from there you will need to do consider these factors.

    doing the mario rpg movement style will be a larger undertaking as a project than most others. it can be done, but get ready to do some trailblazing because your going to be moving into some seriously frontier territory.

    movement will need to be custom.

    you will need to add 3 new variables. World_X,Y,Z. then translate the world to screen position.

    you might want to create a custom level editor and level loader and not use layouts for levels.

    as for hitting the box. you need to work on a new collision check with objects stored in this 3d world. Either by an array or tree based system.

  • yonda

    Jumping in rpg's is a bit different then platforms. I'm assuming their either using custom controls or 8 directional movement for their rpg. Also last time I checked, mario rpg for snes was isometric, so its a bit different then your generic rpg movement.


    What I did for the jumping in my isometric rpg was have a player that has both 8 directional movement and platform behavior.

    So when jump button is pressed, player disables 8 directional movement, enables platform,then Player vector Y-300. Then when player gets back to its original spot I disable platform behavior and enable 8 directional movement.

    At the moment that's all I can hint at you.

    Also one thing to note; an rpg might not be the best game to start off with. Try making some smaller games, then move up to an rpg.

  • jayderyu - Good point. I've never played a Mario game that wasn't 2D sprites or a platformer, so my bad for assuming.

  • Yeah, converting top down to isometric is a bit hefty for right out of the gate.

    Making a platformer with rpg elements... not quit so bad, it might actually be enjoyable.

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