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  • Hi everyone!

    I am pretty new at Construct2, having only done one project before.

    And I am currently in the first stage of doing my second game.

    On paper it's pretty straight forward, but i came across very tedious tasks.

    like I have to lay 720 unique proxy sprites to use along side an Array, correctly named and in the correct order.

    And also, write 1480 lines of code about those proxy sprites.

    It is more time consuming than hard, and I was wondering if there were a way of not wasting days of work putting this up.

    Or maybe I came up with a wrong approach and there is simpler ways of achieving what I am trying to do.

    To be brief, my game is a hot seat/turn base war game, set on an archipelago, were each player have to draw half the map themselves.

    So, to draw the map ingame, and having it saved from one layout to another, I am using an Array. 38x20.

    the method I use is as follow:

    I put an invisible sprite for each box of the grid I make the player draw on.

    Each sprite is linked to the the corresponding array value.

    seemed pretty simple at a first glance. But not so much when there is 720 sprites, from "x00y00" to "x20y38", to lay down...

    Maybe I am not aware of another mean to "paint" values on an array.

    Or another method altogether that can carry a drawn map in game from layout to layout without deleting it.

    In any case, I will be back rolling my sisyphean boulder while waiting for a better idea :' )

    Thanks everyone.

  • But not so much when there is 720 sprites, from "x00y00" to "x20y38", to lay down...

    Omg, this is a horrible idea! You need one sprite with 720 instances, not 720 different objects!

    You can define instance variables on this sprite, say gridX and gridY, to identify position of each tile in the array. And of course, fill these values programmatically, not manually.

    Another option is to use a tilemap. Tilemap is basically an array. On click change the tile under mouse cursor.

  • > Omg, this is a horrible idea!

    haha, I agree.

    Since yesterday a friend told me about using a variable too.

    I didn't understand then that the array was usable in that way.

    Thank you!

    If I can't make it work, I will look into the tilemap.

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  • Yay !

    I can now paint values on the array with the mouse cursor (60 pixels apart each time). \o/

    Way faster haha.

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