Manipulating Tiled Background Height in Real Time

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  • hi,

    i am trying to do a thing where the player has a grappling hook he can move up and down on.

    so all of that works. now i want to implement the rope so that it looks nice.

    i used to have this code in a game where a spider climbs up and down its own web and the string of silk would change height depending on the spider location but i dont have the plugin required to open the project anymore, which annoys me that we cant open it without plugins but okay, whatever.

    either way, can somebody tell me how to do that again? basically i want one end of the tiled background to be pinned to the object the grappling hook has grappled to and the other end pinned to the player and when the player moves up and down the height would change^^

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  • Nevermind, i solved it with DISTANCE

    thanks, tho^^

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