Managing scaling with cocoonJS

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  • So, I've compiled my app for cocoonJS and uploaded it to their cloud compiler. I then downloaded it to my mac and opened it using xCode. When I run it on my iPad, the app isn't the correct resolution. As a result, it gets shifted to the top of the screen, with a massive white section at the bottom. Is there a way to make it so that it remains centred and the rest of it is black instead of white?

    In the cocoonJS cloud compiler I have tried setting scaling to "None" and "Scale Aspect Fit".


  • Check out this video tutorial by ArcadEd

    Should get you pointed in the right direction and check this reference chart for resolution sizes for IOS devices

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  • Thanks for that. One question, I've used a scrolling wallpaper In my game, and I've created the effect by having two wallpapers exactly the same, constantly moving to the left, and when the left most background moves off the screen its position gets set to its current one plus a constant. (The width of the background x2). If I set my game up to play on the iPhone 4 resolution, will they be able to see the scrolling background on either side of the screen on an iPhone 5? (Given that the black borders will be on the sides rather than the top and bottom)

    Let me know if you're not following because I feel like I haven't explained it particularly well.

  • Is your game an endless runner? I would look at the endless runner sample the comes with C2 and make sure it covers the max resolution size you set up for. Like anything else, you don't until you try and you'll probably need to make some adjustments according to our game design.

  • I can't actually find the endless runner in the example files which came with construct, what's the capx called? As for trying and testing, unfortunately I don't actually have an iPhone 5 to test it on, the only thing I have available is an iPad. I'm doing all the compiling for android through Intel XDK. Here's a link to the capx if you fancy taking a look:

  • TheDom I managed to get it all working properly using that guide, thanks so much!

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