How do I manage phisics without...phisics ?

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  • Hi...I don't know it that is possible...imagine I have 3 on the top of the other.

    If I go to shoot the lowest one..and it disapears..can I make falling the other barrels on the ground that is a solid ? Bouncing is not neccessary...but it should stay on the ground... all that with NO phisics !? can I do that ?

    If this is possible...can I make the player stay on top of the barrells like solds...but the solids still fall on the ground if underneed there is free space ?


  • try use platform behavior on barrels

  • THANK U SOOOO much ! so simple...but such a big help 4 me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If a barrell is slightly rotated...and it falls on a flat surface...can I make it slowly rotate in order to touch the ground... ?

    any way...that was a super help:)

  • barrel platform is faling -> barrel rotate clocwise

  • thanks... that looks already close to what i need...but sometimes the barrell has a unrealistic position..just standing on a there a way like in phisics that it goes to lay down on ground or other barrels realisticly ?

    questions2: in it possible to make the falling/bouncing objects not having always a "shaking" the end I avoid phisics also for that reason...

    thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • barrel on collision with the platform => barrel set angle to platform (your ground) angle.

    dont get what you mean by shaking movement

  • I try it...

    shaking I mean... that the objects are vibrating or not standing still...or at least having a not realistic gravity/movement...

  • try to change physics engen. it is in configuration settings.

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  • ...which is better ?

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