How do I manage my layers smartly ?

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  • Hello,

    I know that having many layers can cause performances issues.

    Currently I have 10 layers and I am wondering if that is too much ?

    Is there any tricks / methods, to handle Z-order OR effects such as Blend Mode Source Out other than by putting objects on different layers ?

    Many thanks

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  • What exactly are you trying to do ?

    Usually I have 3 layers. Background, Playable, HUD/Menu

  • if i may add in a question here as well I know that many gimp and other art/animation program have the ability to combine layer and was wondering if construct two have any add-on for this ability. Cause often times i use like ten layers to create a Hud or background art and need other art pieces to stay put and not move....It would come in handy if that is possible with out copy pasting delete layers.

  • Well I have a couple of things that are using masks so they need their own layer with "Force own texture" on. Otherwise if there is other objects in the same layer the effect will apply to those items as well.

    Also I find it handy to have a layer for "ennemies" one for "hero" and one for "props" and "backgrounds" (I also have multiple backgrounds with different parallax) so that you don't have to check the Z-Order on each spawn or make any code to keep the Z-order the way you want.

  • [quote:1x5659fw]Number of layers usually has no effect, unless most of the layers have changed their opacity, have effects applied, have a blend mode other than 'Normal', or use 'force own texture'. However typically there is no performance impact from using multiple layers with default settings.

  • ok really good to know, thanks granpa !

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